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ahaha, this was very hot....now i see how youngbae got his intro song...jiyong helped him!!! XD in a very...hot way...XDDD

omg i am in love with ur ICON ^_^

wahahaha!!! thank you! i fell in love with it's humor and is forever my icon!!! XD...*psst! don't worry! it doesn't hate you! ^_^*

for some reason every single person who read this fic have this 'hot' reaction xD
thank you for reading and leaving a comment ^-^ *hugs you*

well....the song only says it about a hundred times...XD

I are so deliriously happy!

I love me some GDYB smut!

haha... glad to make you happy ^-^
thank you for reading and leaving a comment <3~~

LOL Ji Yong really did write the intro though that makes me wonder hmmm..... sexy GDYB

aha ^^ I know... me and my friend had this idea when we read about who write this intro xD
thanks for reading and leaving a comment ^^ <3~

Yummy and in my opinion kinda romantic, haha.
I really needed this today and I really like it. :)

Thank you for reading *^^* ♥
I'm so happy you liked it~~ ♥ ♥ ♥

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