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No Place Like The Yellow Brick Road
jinwoo, winner, seunghoon
Title: No Place Like The Yellow Brick Road
Pairing(s): none, Jinwoo & Seunghoon friendship
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Mentions of war, injury and fire
Word count: 3,943
Summary: Jinwoo and Seunghoon grow up dreaming of a wide open universe (Told backwards, Firefly AU)

The heavens explode across the skies of Ariel, and for a moment Jinwoo thinks it’s all over
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Beyond The Divide
pink hair, g dragon, kwon jiyong
Title: Beyond The Divide
Pairing(s): Seungri/TOP
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some slightly creepy staring at people through windows
Word count: 2,592
Summary: Sometimes someone lives across the street from Seungri

“Fancy seeing you here”

Oh The Places You'll Go
jinwoo, winner, seunghoon
Title: Oh The Places You'll Go
Fandom: Winner (+ No Mercy)
Pairing(s): Mino-centric, Mino/Taehyung, background #Gun/Jooheon
Rating: R
Warnings: non explicit sexual situations, arranged marriage, mentions of war
Summary: When the war ends, Wreath and Landfall return to the tired old tradition of joining royal households to maintain the peace. (Saga AU)

For as long as Minho is his parents’ son, he is Wreath
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And Another One
cl, 2ne1
Title: And Another one
Fandom(s): 2ne1
Pairing(s): none
Rating: PG
Word count: 524
Summary: The one with infinite ping pong balls

By the time Chaerin gets the call, she’s almost given up hope.

The Tortoise And The Desert
jinwoo, winner, seunghoon
Title: The Tortoise And The Desert
Pairing: Jinwoo centric, Jinwoo/Mino
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Character death, non explicit suicide, alcoholism
Word count: 13,719
Summary: Jinwoo is a recovering alcoholic going through the standard Seoul rehab experience, the government mandated booze bot he's assigned is more than he had anticipated dealing with. (Bladerunner AU)

“Hello. My name is Jinwoo, and I am an alcoholic”
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When in College continues (gtop / chaera)
Betty black-and-white
Title: When in College (chapter 2, 3 and 4)
Pairings: GD / TOP, CL / Dara, other characters
Summary: Double dates are confusing. You might just end up falling for the wrong person.

(Chapter 2: Saturday night drinking, budding friendships and the world of Twitter)

(Chapter 3: Text convos, mid-terms and movie dates)

(Chapter 4: Clubbing, coffeeshops and crushes)

[Advertisement} The Game Season

fest information & timelinesthe sportsf.a.q.

Hello writers!!

We're a new panfandom sports fanfiction fest planning to run from June this year. This will be our first year and we would love to have you join us!

We're a fanfiction event where writers from many different fandom communities can participate together and explore the other fandoms through the theme of sports. More information about us can be found on our livejournal, linked above.

Take a look, check it out, and if you're interested, mark those calendars and get your game on!

We Will Meet Again
Title: We Will Meet Again
Fandom: YG Family
Pairing(s): None, Se7en-centric
Rating: G
Summary: Dongwook can see when something has run it's course, Hyunsuk finds it harder to let things go.
2,025 words

Dongwook doesn’t remember Hyunsuk as one for nervous ticks, but times change and people with them.

Nuguseyo Winter Fic Exchange

A fic exchange for kpop nugu groups and soloists

Information || Sign Ups

When in College (gtop / chaera)
Betty black-and-white
Title: When in College.
Character(s) / pairing(s): Jiyong / Seunghyun, Chaerin / Sandara. Hints of other pairings.
Rating: PG
Word count: 3495
Note: WIP, chapter one.
Summary: Double dates are confusing: you might just end up falling for the wrong person.

(It was an early Wednesday in October and Jiyong was feeling good.)