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[fanfic] GDYB
lustfulsister wrote in yokshim
Oh God... I can't belive this xD I've written GDYB O_O xD
Yeah and I was enjoying writing it ^-^v
Idea comes from misato87 <333~~

Title: HOT
Author: lustfulsister
Pairing: GDYB
Genre: one shot
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine unfortunately ;_; xD
Summary: TaeYang is out of vein and JiYong has got a gift for him with a special delivery... xD

Zero... nil... not a single fuckin’ word...
His mind was blank as if he’s taken some ‘forget everything’ pills.
And of course this all was happening now when he must come out with some damn lyrics.
Aaargh... just so annoying. Almost all minialbum was ready... almost. Just one small intro want to ruin his career. God knows how he was frustrated. ONE-FUCKIN’-INTRO... aish.

He was sitting in a dark room with a couple of white sheets of paper on his knees. Cards pure as a virgin, not even touched by a sign of pen he was holding. Staring blankily at the moon which was looking curiously on him through the window in return.

Nothing comes...

The door opened slightly. Small ray of light fell into the room. Someone came in and the light was gone. YoungBae didn’t even bother who it was.

He felt someones hand on his shoulder. Warm puffs of air covered his ear as he heard:
- And? How’s your work goin’?
It was JiYong. It must’ve been him couse YoungBae has told everyone to not disturb him and the only one person who will ever break this request was G-Dragon.
- It’s just... Uuh don’t even ask. – TaeYang murmured. – I’m out of ideas.
- Just as I was thinking. - JiYong’s hand wandered to the older’s chest. - I have something for you...
He nuzzled YoungBae’s ear and whispered:
- ...listen to me carefully. I’m not going to repeat myself.
He smirked to himself and licked singer’s earlobe. TeaYang shivered.
- “The world in front of me. The fire of the hot sun,” - second hand gone trough
YoungBae’s muscles – “hot, hot. He's hot, hot.”
Each word ‘hot’ followed by smooth stroke of hands. They were lower and lower.

YoungBae tried to concentrate himself on the words coming right to his ears... but how when someones fingers are travelling down your body and leaving this delightful tingling sensation.

- “You can't forget that song, the sun goes higher...” – JiYong accented the last word.
A hand reached TaeYang’s croch. Masaged his manhood through the fabric of his pants.
- “ pop pop. He’s hot, hot.”
G-Dragon changed his place and faced his friend. He sat himself on YoungBae’s lap. His one arm went around his neck. Another hand sliped between them two. JiYong leaned down and rested his chin on singers shoulder.

- “Say my name, listen to my song...”
His hand found the way under the pants and the underwear. He grabed already aroused member.
- “...turn up the volume...”
Long and thin fingers clenched over hot flesh and moved slowly.
- “ makes me high.”

TaeYang felt like screaming. He brought his fist into his mouth.

- “Time passes, leave everything.”
JiYongs hand was moving very slow and lazy.
- “I won’t ever stop. Don't stop, he can't stop.”
His words entered YoungBae’s ears, sounded like melodious silent pray. Coordinated with every single move of his hand.
- “Hey, all the breathless moments...”
TaeYang held his breath
- “...someone before you will appear, it'll be me. Say my name.”
- Ji...Ji...JiYong... S-s-s-top?! – he felt like he couldn’t take it anymore.

- “Ye, the excitement of going on stage for the first time...”
JiYong’s thumb circled top of TaeYang’s penis.
- “My passion burns. And burn everything.”
The older boy’s vision went blur. A hot feeling was creating down his abdomen.

- “Check it out. My blood was boiling like a volcano.”
The heat reached his lower parts of body. He came with his teeth clenched over his fist.
- “Now you can see my smoke, you feel me, feel me ye.”
JiYong took out his hand from YoungBae’s boxers.
- “Come out with me, run to the highest.”
He licked his fingers covered with his friend’s sperm.
- “If you're ready, follow me. Oh baby sing with me...”
He leaned down and kissed TaeYang’s lips. It was short and soft but YoungBae could taste his own seed lingered on his JiYong’s lips.
- “Say my name, listen to my music.”
- JiYong-ah... I...
G-Dragon stood up.
- “Turn up the volume. Music makes me high.”
He turned away.
- “Time passes, leave everything.”
He walked to the door.
- “I won’t ever stop. Don't stop, he can't stop.”
He turned his head.
- This is my gift for you. I’m happy you’re going to debut. Tomorrow I’ll handle you this written on a piece of paper.
He giggled and left YoungBae all confused but oh so happy.

Not so great but... oh my~~ O_O my first lemon in English xDDD~~

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ahaha, this was very i see how youngbae got his intro song...jiyong helped him!!! XD in a way...XDDD

omg i am in love with ur ICON ^_^

wahahaha!!! thank you! i fell in love with it's humor and is forever my icon!!! XD...*psst! don't worry! it doesn't hate you! ^_^*

for some reason every single person who read this fic have this 'hot' reaction xD
thank you for reading and leaving a comment ^-^ *hugs you*

well....the song only says it about a hundred times...XD

I are so deliriously happy!

I love me some GDYB smut!

haha... glad to make you happy ^-^
thank you for reading and leaving a comment <3~~

LOL Ji Yong really did write the intro though that makes me wonder hmmm..... sexy GDYB

aha ^^ I know... me and my friend had this idea when we read about who write this intro xD
thanks for reading and leaving a comment ^^ <3~

Yummy and in my opinion kinda romantic, haha.
I really needed this today and I really like it. :)

Thank you for reading *^^* ♥
I'm so happy you liked it~~ ♥ ♥ ♥

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